BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE)
Dr Julio Montaner, OC, OBC, MD, FRCPC, FCCP

Globally recognized for the development, (1996), of the breakthrough triple drug therapy, successfully suppressing HIV replication, putting HIV disease into full and lasting remission.

Pioneered the concept of Treatment as Prevention:

Today recognized as a UNAIDS and World Health Organization endorsed concept.

Program Highlights

Implemented and Championed Treatment as prevention strategy in BC and guided the fight against AIDS globally

Developed and introduced 90-90-90 target initiative, today known UN 90-90-90 Target. In June 2016, at the UN Meeting in New York, the BC-CfE’s Treatment as Prevention model, based 90-90-90 Target was confirmed by United Nations as the roadmap for the End of AIDS as a Pandemic by 2030.

90% people living with HIV diagnosed- 90% on treatment-90 sustained undetectable viral loads

The next immediate target for Treatment as Prevention strategy in BC is Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Dr Julio Montaner and his team at BC-CfE are currently researching and evaluating strategies to prevent HCV re-infection and a future Implementation of Treatment as Prevention for HCV.

Dr. Julio Montaner and BC-CfE have received personal endorsement for their strategies by:

Former UN Special AIDS Ambassador Stephen Lewis (2006)
Former US President Bill Clinton (2006)
Former Executive Director of UNAIDS Mr. Michel Sidibe (2010)
Current Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse Dr. Nora Volkow (2010)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2015)
Pope Francis (2015).

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