Carl Vanderspek


Carl started his early business career as a young UBC grad with his Chartered Accountancy designation, combined with an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and natural gift for business strategy.

He has applied his education and skills to a number of business ventures and projects, most notably as the founder and builder of Trailer Wizards where he developed the company into Canada’s largest national provider of flexible commercial trailers. The Company was built up to a fleet of 23,000 trailers spanning more than 20 locations across Canada. While Trailer Wizards undoubtedly is his most recognized business achievement, it is certainly not his only one. His entrepreneurial spirit spans many businesses and ventures.

While steadfastly building and growing Trailer Wizards and other businesses, he also developed and shared his skills as a philanthropist supporting those who apply their education and skills to help others.

The Powell St Foundation is not only Carl’s vision, it also embodies his culture and approach to business. Wherever possible, working towards cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy so we can; “get s**t done, so the people who do the real work can get on with it.”

Margaret Hope


Marg holds a master’s degree in speech education and is the only Canadian woman ever to receive international accreditation as a professional speaker. She is a consultant, coach, educator, and mentor. Her skills are relied on by individuals, leaders in industry, and government. Marg specializes in helping people feel comfortable with their verbal communications.

She coaches speakers privately, speaks at conferences, and teaches a variety of courses for various professional development programs. Marg teaches at Simon Fraser University and for Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada BC (CPABC). Her clients include lawyers, accountants, bio-tech firms, insurance companies, investment teams, healthcare professionals, scientists, and more. She is also a volunteer trainer for United Way and currently heads a project providing virtual leadership training for officers of remotely situated clubs and organizations.

Most impressive of all is her insatiable appetite for new learning experiences; acquiring new skills while sharing her gifts with others. It is Marg’s empathetic nature and generosity that often directs some of the decisions at the Foundation.

Donald Mackenzie


Donald is a global business leader and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience building and managing businesses around the world. In Hong Kong, he was Director of the Deak International Foreign Exchange and was a regular contributor to the South China Morning Post as well as a commentator for Radio TV Hong Kong. In London, he founded Corporate Foreign Exchange Plc, a business that he grew to over 120 offices across the UK and throughout continental Europe before merging with Eurochange Plc, creating a network of over 300 locations. In London, he was also a regular commentator for BBC, CNN, and SKY News on Foreign Exchange and related finance topics.

On returning to Canada, he launched Mebhin Consultancy, working with several business leaders in a variety of industries in Western Canada. His most recent venture is as co-founder of Bodewell, a leading property management company in Vancouver B.C.

He is a genuinely relationship focused businessperson whose successes have stemmed from building excellent relationships and delivering unrivaled service.

Donald has a genuine passion and understanding of the people and organizations the Foundation supports.